Indecision and Confusion: Mercury in Retrograde, In Libra

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and now Mercury in Retrograde, This Is Pretty Much How Everyone Feels Right Now

Welcome to the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde!

Now the official retrograde doesn’t begin until the 27th of September, however, many of the more enlightened will notice its effects started last week (around the 6th). For those unaware, there’s a pre-shadow and post-shadow phase, also known as retroshade, preceding and following retrograde.

Retroshade on the other hand, is a shadow period that begins two weeks before a retrograde and then starts again two weeks after a retrograde cycle. You can kind of think of it as a pre-menstrual cycle and post-menstrual cycle. You know, that moody turmoil that you go through, days before your week of period-related stress, and then those days after your period where you go through damage control and have to work on getting your life back together after you let it fall apart?

Wylde, Kaitlyn in “No, Mercury Retrograde And Mercury Retroshade Are Not The Same Thing”,, 9/5/2017

Though the actual retrograde is from the 27th of September through the 17th of October, the effects span from the 6th of September through the 2nd of November when you factor in pre-shadow and post-shadow.

Libra’s is best known for its cooperation, justice and fairness.

This Mercury retrograde is happening as we transit through Libra on the Zodiac wheel of the year.

So, you will notice a lot of differences this time — unlike our January-February Retrograde and our June Retrograde.

This time, with the retrograde in Libra, you can expect a harder time making clear decisions, a lot of romantic relationship confusion, and an inability to make a solid commitment. This, of course, comes grouped together with the last phases of our BIG Retrograde of major planets, most of which don’t end until mid-October. Jupiter going direct Oct. 18, Saturn on Oct. 10th, and Pluto on Oct. 6th. Oh, and don’t forget, Neptune is staying in retrograde until December.

Meanwhile, in December, that’s when Venus goes retrograde as well. But that is a subject for an entirely different post.

Okay, so back to the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde of Mercury and why it matters so much this time!

Alright, so Mercury retrograde always affects communication and communication devices, cell phones computers, mail, contracts, and banking. In addition, we have the most well-known cooperative zodiac sign playing host to Mercury in retrograde.

Let’s add that up:

  • Jupiter’s retrograde already has us dazed and confused.
  • Saturn’s retrograde created distrust and threw plans out the window.
  • Pluto’s retrograde swung a wrecking ball at our toxic choices (not that that, in and of itself is bad, but can definitely create turmoil).
  • AND NOW, Mercury Retrograde in Libra is throwing indecisiveness, relationship confusion, and non-commitment into the mix.

So, now we know what the situation is and how long it’s going to last (mercury retrograde pre- and post-shadow lasts from September 6th until about the 2nd of November), what do we do about it?

Tips & Tricks to Survive this Retrograde

  1. Like every other retrograde, update your phone and computer, NOW.
  2. Expect the problems with communication to happen, prepare for them in any and every situation and communication you’re going to have during the next month.
  3. Because Libra is the sign of the scales, make sure you’re maintaining a good work and life balance–with the retrograde, there is going to be a tendency to go to the extremes.
  4. Prepare for brutal honesty, one of the lesser-known traits of this judgmental sign is hard-held opinions.
  5. This Retrograde, prepare for a lot of flip flopping in your own life as you try to reach a central balance.