Journaling: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

First of all, journaling may bring up connotations of little Debbie writing a daily diary of all her efforts and failures for the day, and that’s partially true, but it doesn’t have to be.

Journaling also brings up images of Bridget Jones Diary, and again, that’s a book and movie, and while funny, our lives are not movie scripts (at least I hope not).

What journaling is, it’s a slightly more active meditation tool. It’s a guided inner journey of self-discovery through words.

Talk therapy with yourself method. It helps you become more self-aware and progress along the path to spirit.  A way to explore more about who and what you are without judgment.

It’s also a tool for sorting and organizing a whole range of complicated human experiences.

Journaling allows you to gain the separation you need to help foster growth and understanding of who you are. For the more creative types, you can use self-designed planners and envelopes with scrapbooking. Stickers even doodles, drawing, and sketching can all be involved as journal tools for self-discovery.

It can be a simple 50 cent notebook, and a pen from the bank counter, or a note-taking app on your phone. Or start a digital diary on your computer (would not recommend a published blog ) Use what feels right to you to write. As in any self-work too, there is no right or wrong way.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Anne Frank

A few simple get started tips:

  1. Set an alarm, making sure that you spend 5-10 minutes daily with your own Journal journey will help you build the habit , thankfully this is actually a good habit.
  2. If you can, set up a private quiet space to explore the process.
  3. Know that whatever you write is yours alone, if you need to lock your journal so it stays private do so.

Journaling prompts- in no particular order:

Do I like who I am?
Am I living my best life?
When was the last time I laughed out loud?
What do I feel about waterfalls?
How does society’s image of me affect my behavior?
Do I appreciate my body?
What are my top 5 favorite things in my life right now?
What are 3 skills I want to learn?
What is my worst personal habit?
How do I honor my own divinity?
What are 5 things I learned about myself in the past 3 years?
Do I love myself?
How can I tell people I care about how I feel?
Draw 3 oracle or Tarot cards, what is my reading?

What is your morning routine?
Do I judge others?
What’s the best piece of advice I have ever received?
What’s the best advice I have ever given?
Do I ignore my negative feelings?
What animal do I connect with and why?
How could I improve my attitude towards myself?
What do I want in life?
What steps can I take starting today to improve my health?
Do I pay attention to my intuition?
Is my personal space conducive to my peace of mind?
What is something I wish I knew when I was younger?
Do I make sure my values and my actions align?
What is the biggest secret about myself?
What am I doing to assist my personal growth?
What are 3 quotes that mean a lot to me?
How would I define my spiritual path?
What messages does spirit have for me?
What is my best feature?
What do I offer as a friend?
What is my best self-care routine?
What is the biggest challenge currently facing you?