Relationship pauses or ‘breaks’

Okay, so you and your “boo” have been hitting it hard and hot for 7-8 months now, and all of a sudden it’s time to “take a break” because things are getting “too serious.”

This is an interesting situation because there are a lot of reasons couples decide to do this.

Here are The Top Five Reasons why relationships take a break:

1. Past Trauma

When one of the partners is working through past trauma either from childhood or prior relationships, it’s very easy for things to become emotionally overwhelming in a relationship especially in the new stages where we’ve got the new relationship energy just pinging off of everything oftentimes it’ll get to a point where things are so overwhelming and that it’s necessary to put the brakes on a relationship for a while to be able to work through it.

2. Inability to Communicate

This one’s a really sneaky reason to put a break on a relationship it most often ends up in a permanent end to the relationship because you can’t work through an inability to communicate if you’re not together.

3. Financial Stress

Depending on the source of the financial stress this is actually one of the better reasons for a relationship break. Because often both parties tend to exceed their budget trying to create new memories with their partner during the early honeymoon stage of a relationship. So by putting a break on the relationship we can put a break on the financial hemorrhaging that’s been happening and get the relationship back on track without having the stress of the finances.

4. Lost Love Syndrome

Certain personality types have a real hard time letting go of past relationships and eventually they idealize the past relationship to a point where the current relationship could never possibly hope to measure up. So taking a break so they can explore this idealistic idea can actually be a good idea.

5  Infidelity

Last, but not least, we have infidelity. So infidelity as a portion of taking a break in a relationship generally fits into two different categories it’s either the person has feelings for someone else and they want to explore them or they’re already exploring those feelings and they don’t want to lose the primary relationship in case the secondary relationship fails. More often than not, this type of relationship pause ends up being permanent.

There are actually several more reasons why relationship pauses or breaks happen but it’s more than I’m going to get into this blog post with. I would be happy to work through your personal situation during a private consultation.

I will cover each one of these reasons more in-depth both from a male and a female perspective in future posts. Please follow along.

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